Preschool Patter

Dear Parents,

Mon., 9, 2017

Preschool Patter

“Let Our Light Shine for Jesus”

Our apple tasting went really well! We tasted a red apple and a green apple. Then we put our picture on the cut-out apple we liked the best (a form of a math graph). It was surprising how many liked the green, more sour, apple. Then we had our special snack, the Queen Anne’s apples with caramel, and whipping cream. Thank you for donating those items!

The children really enjoyed the visit by the fire fighters last Monday. Here some safety tips we learned.

Safety Tips:

Two things that the fireman told us to remind our parents was to: 1) Sleep with the bedroom door shut, 2) Have a smoke detector in every bedroom!
Last year having the door shut saved a family in a house fire in La Crosse! Does your family have an escape plan and meeting place outside the house?

What’s happening this week?

Focus for this week: Fire Safety/Letter F, Square Shape

This week we’ll focus on fire safety. We’ll listen to fire books, practice our “Stop, Drop, and Roll” and “Stay Low and Go.” We’ll also wear our fire hats we’ll make. The 3’s will use tissue paper and orange glitter to make sparkly flames. The toy fire trucks will also be brought out to be played with.

We will also make a special snack on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Using crackers, frosting, mini Oreos, and pretzels they’ll make a fire truck to eat. If you signed up to provide the
food for the snack, please bring it by Wednesday.

Bible Lesson:

Our Bible story this week is about Abraham showing his trust in God that he would be
blessed with a child even though age was against him and his wife Sarah. God didn’t answer Abraham’s prayer for a son right away. He waited till He knew the time was right.

God answers our prayers the same way. God answers in a way that He knows is best for us. At our Sunday Bible Study class, we’ve had great discussions about this. God answers with a “yes”, “no”, wait a bit – be patient”, or “I have a better idea!”

Positional Words:

Besides counting the apples on our September calendar, they told me where to put the daily apple. They used the words like down, up, over, above, left, and right. (By the end of last week, they really noticed that the calendar has more apples than the tree above it!) Now we’ve switched the calendar to leaves, which will make an ABC pattern.

School Fundraiser:

Keep sending in those Box Tops. More info will be coming soon about certain items

needed by the school. Also on the 18th, it’s St. Paul’s night at Burrachos.

Pumpkin Days:

On Oct. 21, or 23, or 24, have your child bring a decorated or carved pumpkin to school. I’ve seen pumpkins decorated with Mr. Potato Head pieces, fake hair and crowns, gourds, painted as Ernie, stick on face pieces, and so on. The children are always so excited to show off their pumpkins.


Pumpkin Seeds Needed:

If anyone has any extra clean, dried pumpkin seeds you saved from a pumpkin, send them to school. We have uses for them!

Book Orders: They are due Tuesday. Thank you for all the orders last month! I was able to receive more bonus points to go towards Magna Tiles.

Parenting Articles: Being a parent can be very challenging. There are many resources including the Bible to help us. Once a month I will send home some parenting articles from a variety of authors.

Singing in Church:

Both preschool classes and the kindergarten will be singing at the beginning of the 10:30 service on Sunday, Nov. 6. A slip will be coming home about that soon.

3-Year-Old Schedule Change:
Starting Monday, Oct. 30, the three year olds will stay till 11:00.


If anyone would like to donate pumpkins in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large for our classroom and gourds, it would be appreciated. Contact me first in case someone else has donated something.

We could also use 19 tiny pumpkins (Approx. 2” high, 3 -4” across) for an art project if someone would like to donate those, too. Thank you!

Pumpkin Cookies: Needed pumpkin cutout cookies and 2 cans of orange frosting for Fri., Oct. 20 and Tues., Oct. 24. Let me know if you can supply these things for a special treat. Thank you!

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Last week a notice was in the Panther Patter for parent/ teacher conferences the end of the month. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR 3-K! Formal conferences are not scheduled now, but they will be held in the spring. We are still learning to do school and working our social skills. I speak with many of you every week. If any of you would like to meet with me privately, I’m very glad to do that! If I have any concerns, I will contact you!

Paint Brushes: The children really enjoyed all the “painting” did outside. If you don’t need your brush, I’d like to keep it to use in spring. If you need it for painting, let me know.

Show ‘n’ Tell Wed., Thurs., Fri.: An item that starts with F

Dates to Remember:
Oct. 12 – Picture Retakes
Oct. 22 – Sing in Church, 10:30 service
Oct. 25, 26, 27– No School – Teachers’ Conference in Milwaukee Oct. 30 - 3’s start staying till 11:00
Dec. 4 – Early Childhood Christmas Program


God’s blessings on your week!

Mrs. Betty Van Loon

608-783-7962; 783-4822, Ext. 226 bvanloon@stpaulsonalaska.org 

Welcome to 3-K





Our 3-K meets mornings from 8 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Parents may choose to enroll in two to five sessions each week.  Fees are based on the number of sessions children attend.

For those needing child care when 3-K is not in session, our Surround Care program is available.  It opens at 6 a.m. and is available until 6 p.m. on school days.