Hot Lunch Information

St. Paul’s Lutheran School is part of the National School Lunch Program. Therefore our students’ lunches must meet criteria which includes having a full serving of fruit or vegetables on each tray. We are blessed to have our food provided by the Holmen School District and they make sure we have amazing options. Please stop in at any time to see what options your children have to eat!


  • Each student hot lunch is $3.50 and a milk is included in that price.

  • An additional milk with hot lunch or each milk with cold lunch is $0.50.

  • Any adult or visitor hot lunch is $4.15. Call the office by 8:00 am to order a visitor lunch.


Ordering procedures

  • Since we contract with the Holmen School District for our lunches, we need to give them a lunch count by 8:30 each morning. They need a firm count each day and an estimate for the next day. Therefore your child should know each day if he/she is taking hot lunch option 1, option 2 or cold lunch for today and tomorrow.

  • If your child will be late for school, send him/her with a lunch. If we order a lunch, but your plans change, we are still charged for that lunch, therefore you will be charged also.

  • If your child orders a lunch, but goes home sick, you will not be charged for that lunch.

  • Current menus are available through the school website and the Holmen website, 

  • Free-Reduced Meal Application


Payment procedures

  • Payments of cash or check should be put in a classroom payment envelope or in the payment envelope in the office.

  • Cash should be put in an envelope with your name on it. Checks do not need an envelope.

  • Each family only has one account.

  • Payments can be made on any day in any amount, but should always be made before purchases are made.

  • The contact parent/guardian selected through TADS Enrollment will receive notifications when the account is below $10 at the end of the week, and if the account has a negative balance.

  • Any unused balance at the end of the year is carried over.


Account information



  • Each day our lunch program needs 3 volunteers to run efficiently - 2 servers and 1 checker. No prior training is necessary, since I am available each day.

  • Volunteers get to eat lunch after serving!

  • In order to volunteer, go to the ParentSquare sign ups in the Hot Lunch Program group.

    • Anyone can join the Hot Lunch Program group by going to “groups” on the left of the screen.

    • If your child’s grandparent or special friends would like to volunteer, you can sign them up under your login, but add his/her name in the comments.

  • Please let me know if you would like to help, but do not have a long enough lunch break. You are able to sign up for checking for ½ a lunch, but I’ll need to tell you how to sign up.


If you have questions, please contact me at or 608-783-4822 X346. Or you can send me a message on ParentSquare.

Blessings on your day!