Preschool Patter

Preschool Patter- 3’s

“We’re the Apple of God’s Eye”

Dear Parents,                                                                                    Monday, Nov.6, 2017

Painting with Duplos on a pumpkin shape was quite interesting.  Some children were very sequential in painting making a pattern.  Others were just randomly stamping.  Each pumpkin is unique. Check out your child’s pumpkin in the hallway. We also talked about and tasted foods that were orange like peppers, carrots, and oranges.

Rectangle painting was quite unusual.  We used a large, medium and a small size objects to paint orange on black paper.

For science we will watch the carved pumpkins decay in the flowerbed outside our window.  Using our classroom ladder we’ll do a weekly check out the window or go outside to see how they are doing.  Then in spring we’ll see what’s left.  

 What’s happening this week?

 Focus This Week:

Letter H – Humpty Dumpty; The 3’s will fit together a Humpty Dumpty egg puzzle with a band-aid to patch him up. Other H words we will discuss: head,                        hands, heart, happy.  We will learn the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty.”

Science:  We will see what happens when a real egg tries to sit on a “wall."Also, will an egg float in regular water or in salted water?

For Movin’ Groovin’ Time, we’ve acting out a song that’s loud and soft.  The silly mice climb up a funny monster’s head (the soft part).  They make him sneeze which is the loud part.   Another song we do is about moving slow and fast.  They have to listen carefully to the song to know how to move. They really enjoy both songs!


With Thanksgiving only 2 ½ weeks away, we will start some of our Thanksgiving projects. A new art activity will be a paper plate turkey with rainbow feathers.

Turkey Days:  Monday, Nov. 20 & Tuesday, Nov. 21, we will have special Thanksgiving/Turkey Party with games and a special snack. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A SPECIAL SNACK FOR THE CHILDREN ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY NEXT MONDAY.

                        Check out Pinterest for some ideas!

Bible Lesson: 

This week we’ll hear a story about baby Moses. We learn how God saved him and had great plans for him just like Joseph.  

Book Orders/ Due Thurs., the 9th:

 Last week the November book orders came home.  There are quite a few Christmas books listed.  I will be sending in a December order, too.  If you see a book you like in this order, get it because there are different ones in the December order.  If you would like to get books as gifts and don’t want your child to see them, just attach a note to the order. 

If you want to order, but can’t get me your form by Thursday, call me. I will take care of your order.


Surround Care: 

After preschool from 11:00 – 3:00 & 3:00 – 6:00 Surround Care is offered at $11.00 from 11-3. After 3:00, the rate is $5.00 an hour. For example, if you have an appt. and can’t pick up your child till noon or have to work till 1:00 certain days, your child may go to Surround Care.   Mrs. Walsh oversees that program.  Contact her for more details. 

 Onalaska Food Pantry:

Thank you for all the donations!  We were able to meet our classroom goal even with the short time period. The pantry really appreciated all the food our school brought in. 

Show ‘n’ Tell – an item for letter H


Dates to Remember:

Nov. 20 & 21 – Thanksgiving Break  

Dec. 3 – Pre-K, Kdg. Christmas Program 4:00                                                                                              


Last week as we were heading outside at the end of the morning, we were going by the

church narthex, which was dark.  One little boy remarked, “Jesus is closed today!” :)

The church may be “closed”, but Jesus is always with us!                                                     

May God and his angels guide and protect you just like He took care of Joseph!                                       

                                                                                                Mrs. Betty Van Loon

                                                                                                783-4822, Ext. 226; 783-7962










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